I feel passionate about my photography and I hope it shows. I have worked with Ballet companies and theatres since 2011 and specialise in low light and movement. I also shoot in a studio set up and provide a mobile service. This means that I arrive at your studio or theatre with the full studio set up you dont have the inconvenience of brining all your dancers to me. I provide a wide range of prints from std prints to Hanumuhle and Dibond prints. You can contact me here for any further information or email me at KeithDixon40@gmail.com




Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. When I edit your photo shoot for web use they come with a small watermark in the lower corner. I would ask that this watermark is not reworked or removed. When you receive prints they will be clean with NO watermark. I always ask clients to mention me when they post on social net works as its the right thing to do. If any of this does not work for you contact me and I can explain a little better. Thanks K