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Training in acting, stage management, technical theatre, playwriting, theatre, stage design, lighting design, costume design and theatre directing is offered on a full time basis at undergraduate or postgraduate level. Short courses in Stanislavski’s System, Performing Shakespeare, Acting and Irish Theatre, Sensing Laban and Musical Theatre are offered to established actors or actors in training. Whilst courses including Introduction to Acting, Young Actors’ Programme, I A Clown, The Clear and Confident Voice and Puppet Making are offered to anyone who has an interest in these areas and wants to further develop their skills.

The Lir’s close associations with the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London and Trinity College Dublin ensure that the contents of all courses are set to the highest international standards, so whether you are setting out to undertake a postgraduate Master Degree in Playwriting or a beginners Introduction to Acting course, you will be trained by industry professionals in a trusting, dynamic and fun environment.