Keith Dixon knows ballet!  He always seems to know the perfect moments to capture during a performance and then, there are the most beautiful unexpected in studio and off stage shots that capture more than the dancer, but the total passion and essence of dance. As a parent of a ballerina with the MLEB, I have always found Keith the ultimate professional and perfectionist in delivering his work. The only issue, ever, is limiting the list of which photographs to purchase! 

Edel Redmond (Parent)


I have a dreadfully camera shy family and as a result I have not got a single formal or studio photo of any of my daughters! I recently forced them to have a few family photographs taken and we waited anxiously for the results- we ordered the photographs off Keith's website and are absolutely delighted with the pictures. They are beautiful! We all love them and I will treasure them forever! Keith, I will have to book you now for 5 weddings!

Mieke Hayward (Parent)

I love working with Keith, in the studio & out a true professional at his job, incredibly patient, and knows exactly how to get the best from each of the girls & boys. As you know there are so many personalities in a room full of dancers but with Keith he has a way of making everyone completely comfortable in front of his camera, ( they actually forgot he is in the room ) which is good.
I recently got some photos from Megan's Gala performance at Monica Loughman elite ballet evening & I have to say we as a family love them all. Extremely professional, fabulous finish to the prints we got & can't wait to get them on my wall. Also more importantly can't wait to work with Keith again. Thank-you for everything Keith.

Maria Mullen (Elivate Studio Instructor) 


Have had the pleasure of Keith from Keith Dixon Photography, photographing Alannapio with dance on a number of occasions now, he is a incredible artist and has such a way about him that puts one at ease so much so that half the time that alannapio was not even aware of been photographed.I as a parent found Keith very approachable, affordable* and would definitely have know qualms in recommending Keith and his work .

Cathy Hislop Parent

I loved working with Keith, from the moment he stepped into the studio I recognised a true professional. He is a joy to work with, incredibly patient, and knows exactly how to get the best from me as a performer. I can get nervous, but with Keith I was completely comfortable in front of his camera. His extensive experience capturing ballet meant that he has an excellent eye for movement and body lines. I can't wait to work with him again!


Kathleen Doherty Aerial Artist