Perm Ballet photographed in Dublin at The Board Gais Energy Theatre (Swan Lake & The Nutcracker) December 2012. All info on dancers can be found on the perm site below. Some of the ballet dancers you will find in the gallery are 

Albina Rangulova

Alexander Surodeeva

Ruslan Savdenov

Aleksandr Taranov

Polina Buldakova

Maria Belousova


The info below is from the Perm site please enjoy

Perm Opera and Ballet Tchaikovsky - one of the oldest theaters in Russia. For more than a century of its history, Perm Opera and Ballet has always remained the largest musical center of the country where perpetrated significant creative event.

The theater, which is often called the House of Tchaikovsky, has staged all stage works of the great composer. In the "golden fund" repertoire carefully preserved classical works of Borodin, Mussorgsky, Rimsky-Korsakov. Theater returns to the audience and unjustly forgotten musical fabric. For the first time in Russia in the theater were operas: "Foam days," Denisov, "Cleopatra" J. Massenet, "Lolita" by Shchedrin novel by Vladimir Nabokov, "Alcina" H. Handel, "Orpheus" K. Monteverdi, "Christ" A. Rubinstein.

The third ballet mecca, after Moscow and St. Petersburg, called Perm, where next to the academic ballet company operates the renowned Ballet School. Beginning in the 70's, Perm Ballet in the orbit relentless attention of many viewers. The unity of the performing style of soloists and corps de ballet - a feature of the group. Perm Ballet is probably the only company in the Russian Federation, which is composed entirely of graduates of one school.

For decades, Ural scene was a kind of "stepping stone" for many artists, known far beyond Russia. The Perm Theater begins creative biography of many "stars of the first magnitude" of the capital and other major theaters in the country and the world. The names of world famous dancers - Galina Ragozina-Panova, Lyubov Kunakova, Nadezhda Pavlova, Olga Chenchikova, Marat Daukaeva, Yuri Petukhov, Galina Shlyapina, Svetlana Smirnova - made famous Perm.

Deserved reputation Perm theater brought part of our opera singers and ballet dancers in international festivals. Perm Opera and Ballet is the initiator and organizer of the Open Competition of Russian Ballet "Arabesque" and the International Art Festival"Diaghilev Seasons: Perm-Petersburg-Paris' .

Opera and ballet performances Perm theater have been the nominees and winners (the theater has won seven awards "Golden Mask"), the All-Russian National Theatre Festival "Golden Mask".

In different continents of the world's leading soloists visited Perm theater with plays and concert programs. Since 1973, the Perm company in full toured in Austria, Italy, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand, Japan and South Korea, England, Ireland, Holland, Spain, China , USA. In France and in Cuba, Cambodia, Canada, Thailand and Egypt, Nicaragua, India and the U.S. - wherever artists and bands, they have been recognized demanding critics and found true friends and fans of opera and ballet in Perm, one of the largest opera and ballet centers of Russia.

Following the theatrical traditions of the past, the Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre has always sought and continues to seek modern "live" sound of his work.